123.Net, Inc.

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Fixed Wireless

Michigan's Largest Local Provider of High-Speed Fixed Wireless

123Net's Fixed Wireless solution delivers carrier-grade Ethernet connectivity through microwave technology. It is an excellent solution for high-capacity applications supporting voice, Multi Protocol Label Switching and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA). Fixed wireless has 100% access diversity from traditional local exchange carrier (LEC) routes. It is a high-speed access alternative for businesses that require a quick installation. We build, own, and operate our wireless network (including 56 wireless PoPs), guaranteeing outstanding service at every stage.


  • Quick Installation: 7-14 days on 30 Mbps or less / 30 days or less for speeds greater than 50 Mbps
  • Scalable Bandwidth: Speeds up to 10 Gbps
  • Compatible Integrated Service: use fixed wireless during 123Net fiber installation
  • Service Support: Support EPL, EVPL, DIA, MPLS
  • Secure: data delivered using 128-bit AES encryption
  • Network Diversity: high-availability network operations in the event of a wireline outage


  • Campus Wireless: From single antennas to multiple buildings
  • Off Net Point to Point: Provides point to point connections in places with no 123Net presence


  • Premier Event Wireless: Ideal for conferences (e.g. TEDx), trade shows and concerts (e.g. Jazz Fest)
  • Construction Site Wireless: High-Speed Internet connections for the duration of projects